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**If you are a school or group of teachers looking to use the membership, EACH teacher will need his/her own license to use the resources

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Survey Results from Current Members...

20.7% of current OOTWL members are reporting saving over $50/month because they no longer have to purchase separate literacy resources.  Another 20.7% report at least a $30 savings.  Yet another 20.7% are reporting a savings of $20-$30.  That's over 60% of current members reporting that they are actually saving money as OOTWL members!

91% of current OOTWL members are reporting an increase in their teaching confidence since becoming members.  They no longer worry about what resources are available to teach.  They're also receiving training on how to teach using best practice approaches that are working for their students.  Kids are excited about learning.  Teachers are more confident!

What's an hour of your time worth to you? Teachers are getting back on average 1-3 hours a WEEK. If your time is worth just $10/hour, by joining the membership, you'll likely get back 3 hours of search time each week. That's $30/week. That's $120 a month!!! In time alone, the membership pays for itself 4 times over!!  What will you do with all that extra time?

This data proves 3 BIG WINS!

1. Teachers are saving money by not having to purchase literacy resources.

2. Teachers are gaining confidence in the classroom (which is INVALUABLE).

3. Teachers are taking back an average of 3 hours a week of their time.  What price is 12 hours of your time worth a month?

SPED Student Makes the Honor Roll!!

Gold Membership Includes

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School and District Purchase Orders
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Platinum Membership Includes

Everything a Gold Member Receives PLUS...

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You'll receive access to over $5,350 worth of resources!

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GOLD Membership

Exclusive access to every literacy resource available




  • Access to ALL Current Resources
  • Access to ALL FUTURE Resources
  • Jen Bengel 101 Video Training
  • Weekly Exclusive Bonus Email with Free Printable
PLATINUM membership

Access to every literacy resource PLUS unlimited professional development access!




  • Access to ALL Current Resources
  • Access to ALL FUTURE Resources
  • Weekly Exclusive Bonus Email with Free Printable
  • 15 Professional Development Webinars
  • 5 Hour Video Course on Teaching Writing


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